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Show us your locomotive roster

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Posted by thatboy37 on Saturday, December 12, 2009 5:54 PM

here's my collection of loco's. some are not listed as they are christmas presents. all 6 heritages and uo 8444 in the ace's are for christmas. plus i have 3 kato ns sd70m's plus an atlas ns sd38-2 on the layout. but here are pictures of the ones not on the layout and ready for dcc to be installed. hope you like.

hope this is what you are looking for on your post.
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    November 2009
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Posted by EMD F7A on Monday, December 14, 2009 12:05 PM

Woohoo!!! I got my Intermountain FP7/F7B set!!! And another FT ATSF set on the way... GAWD I love those cab units :)

-Trains, Cigars, & Classic Cars-
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    December 2008
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Posted by willjayna on Monday, December 14, 2009 1:08 PM


here's my collection of loco's. some are not listed as they are christmas presents. all 6 heritages and uo 8444 in the ace's are for christmas. plus i have 3 kato ns sd70m's plus an atlas ns sd38-2 on the layout. but here are pictures of the ones not on the layout and ready for dcc to be installed. hope you like.

hope this is what you are looking for on your post.


Absolutely. That is an impressive roster that is very diverse. Well done.

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    September 2002
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Posted by hschroeder on Thursday, December 17, 2009 8:09 PM

Here is my collection of locomotives and engines. I am hoping see in the future that there will be an NS SD70M-2 and to add it to my roster, I have made several mentions to KATO since they already have the body for it. (SD70AcE)


NS number Model Heritage Old number Builder   Decoder sound
1409 GP15-1 PRRX CR 1623 EMD Atlas yes no
1642 SD40-2 NW 1642 EMD KATO yes yes
2419 MP15DC SOU 2419A EMD Atlas yes no
2586 SD70M NS   EMD Athearn yes no
2600 SD70M NS   EMD Athearn yes no
2618 SD70M NS   EMD KATO yes no
3021 GP40-2 CR 3313 EMD Atlas yes no
4814 B40-8 PRRX 5084 GE Atlas yes no
5325 GP38-2 CR  CR 8153 EMD Atlas yes no
6714 SD60 CR 6861 EMD Atlas yes no
7202 SD80MAC PRRX CR 4103 EMD KATO yes yes
7213 SD80MAC PRRX CR 4123 EMD KATO yes no
7710 **  ES40DC  NS   GE FVM yes no
8963 D9-40CW NS   GE KATO yes no
2649-2778 SD70M-2 NS   EMD ???? yes yes
Heritage Units     Color Scheme        
1983 SD70AcE UP WP EMD KATO yes yes
1996 SD70AcE UP SP EMD KATO yes no
Early Diesel     Color Scheme        
6454 FP7 SP Black Widow EMD Intermountain yes no
8137 F7B SP Black Widow EMD Intermountain yes no
Steam Engines              
404 4-6-6-4 WP WP ALCO Challenger (Athearn) yes yes
4001 4-8-8-4 UP UP ALCO Big Boy (Athearn) yes yes
future engine
** on order

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    July 2004
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Posted by twhite on Thursday, December 17, 2009 8:28 PM

Couldn't pass this up, even though I hogged a lot of bandwidth.   A couple of my ex-Denver and Salt Lake locos, a 2-8-2 and a 2-6-6-0 running in tandem: 

One of my 2-10-2's:

And a stubby little 2-8-0:

Now I'll go away for a while.

Tom Smile

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    May 2007
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Posted by steam618lover1 on Friday, December 18, 2009 1:03 AM

Hi everyone steam618lover1 here great thread i've taken down my layout cause we're moving into an apartment, but will have a third bedroom for new layout, i have over 55 steam loco's so i'll just give a few on my roster 

Riverossoi: Berks 765, 759, 770, 1222, Big Boy-4000, NYC-Hudsons-2-4505, dryfuss-4504

Bachmann:Northerns, SP-4449, NW-J-611, NYC-niagras-6008, 6005, Berk 1225 polar express, made 5 car polar express train from movie(HO).

IHC: Southern-4501, 3645-2-10-2

Athearn: NW-Mike-587

This is just a few of my steam engines on roster, good luck to everyone with your loco's.

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    October 2001
  • From: OH
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Posted by BRAKIE on Friday, December 18, 2009 7:47 AM

Well why not?

Here's my HO C&HV roster.



Here's my N Scale C&HV Geeps.



Summerset Ry.

"Your first mistake may be your last!" Safety First!

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    July 2009
  • From: Amherst Ohio
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Posted by quietstorm454 on Friday, December 18, 2009 8:16 AM

That is a very impressive roster indeed. I am jealous. Plus the diversity is easily seen here in Ohio, at least northern Ohio area. Ive seen all but the RJ Cormans. Yes, ive seen a TFM trailing a KCS behind NS power in Bellevue once.

Jeff Norfolk Southern/Conrail fan N Scale Modeler HO Scale collector
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    October 2001
  • From: OH
  • 17,378 posts
Posted by BRAKIE on Friday, December 18, 2009 8:50 AM

Jeff,Speaking of R.J.Corman..While these Corman GP7s are foobies(the prototype 9007 and 9010 are GP9s) I still like 'em.



Summerset Ry.

"Your first mistake may be your last!" Safety First!

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    December 2006
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Posted by Rich Lauty on Friday, December 18, 2009 12:43 PM

I have 26 steam Locomotives, some scratch built, most kit altered some with Cary boilers, all but the smallest withcan moters. The roster is 6- 4 6 2s, 4- 2 8 2s, 4- 4 6 0s, 3- 4 8 2s, 2- 2 8 0s, 1- 2 6 0, 1- 4 4 0, 2- 0 4 0s and 3- 0 6 0s with one under construction. These date from 1940 to the present and are in every day service on my layout.

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    June 2005
  • From: Long Beach, CA
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Posted by pathvet9 on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:34 PM

Wish I had pictures to show but this roster will have to do for now as I am "in transition" (aren't we all!!)  Sign - Dots

F-M H24-66 Trainmaster - currently Erie-Lackawanna - DCC & sound

F-M  H15-44 - AC&Y - DCC

F-M H16-44 - currently Norfolk & Western - decoder to be added

Alco S-2 - currently Erie - DCC

Alco RS-1 - currently B&O - DCC & sound

Alco USRA Mikado - currently Norfolk & Western - DCC & sound

EMD F3A&B - currently unmarked -decoders to be added

As you can see, I am favoring those locos used by AC&Y and others around Akron, OH about 1950.    Thumbs Up

Cheers, Jake ---------------------------------------- Patience when resources are limited
  • Member since
    October 2007
  • From: ohio
  • 1,357 posts
Posted by rs2mike on Tuesday, December 22, 2009 5:10 PM

Well I had over 30 engines at one point but am now down to:

Atlas mp15- cnw

Atlas Rs-1 undec

Atlas Rs-1 undec

Roundhouse rs-3 cnw

athearn sw-7 undec

plastic 2-8-4 and 4-8-8-4 steam engines

Had 5-9 rs-2 by ahm and life like

Had 2-3 gp-18 by ahm and life like

Had 4 athearn gp-7 or gp-9 whatever they were

Had ahm 2-8-4

Had 2 ahm 0-8-0

Had ihc mother hubbard

Had 2 roundhouse rs-3's

Had 2 athearn sw-7 or 9

Had spectrum gp-40 and FT-A

Losing your job sucks but it also cleaned up the old stuff which for me was good to practice on and detail and make run good.

Oh well I can always build up later in life(heck I am only 33 so I have lots of time)


alco's forever!!!!! Majoring in HO scale Minorig in O scale:)

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    July 2003
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Posted by smcgill on Monday, December 28, 2009 10:34 AM
Hear a just a few that i was able to get pics off!


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    February 2006
  • From: Gahanna, Ohio
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Posted by jbinkley60 on Monday, December 28, 2009 2:16 PM

Manufacturer Part # Model Road Name Road Number
Life Like P2K 23488 SD60 Norfolk Southern 6564
Life Like P2K 23489 SD60 Norfolk Southern 6633
Athearn 4753 EMD GP60 Norfolk Southern 7150
Athearn 4752 EMD GP60 Norfolk Southern 7127
Athearn 4754 EMD GP60 (OLS) Norfolk Southern 4163
Kato 37-1802 C40-9W Norfolk Southern 8979
Atlas 9016 B40-8 Norfolk Southern 4805
Atlas 9017 B40-8 Norfolk Southern 4814
Atlas 9028 B40-8 Spirit Of America 91101
Concor 155701 MP-15 Norfolk Southern 2380
Athearn Genesis G6156 SD-70M Norfolk Southern 2581
Atlas 8947 GP-40 Norfolk Southern 1369
Atlas 8948 GP-40 Norfolk Southern 1388
Athearn Genesis 6113 SD-70 Spartan Cab Norfolk Southern 2537
Athearn Genesis 6114 SD-70 Spartan Cab Norfolk Southern 2553
Life Like P2K 30177 SD60M Norfolk Southern 6775
Life Like P2K 30178 SD60M Norfolk Southern 6804
Kato 37-6345 SD80MAC Norfolk Southern 7202
Kato 37-6346 SD80MAC Norfolk Southern 7204
Kato 37-6347 SD80MAC Norfolk Southern 7213
Life Like P2K 30560 GP-60 Norfolk Southern 7123
Life Like P2K 30561 GP-60 Norfolk Southern 7146
Athearn 8050 SD-50 Norfolk Southern 6525
Athearn 8049 SD-50 Norfolk Southern 6517
Athearn 8012 GP38-2 Norfolk Southern 5340
Life Like P2K 30860 SD-50 Norfolk Southern 6507
Life Like P2K 30861 SD-50 Norfolk Southern 6513
Athearn Genesis 6189 SD-70M Norfolk Southern 2584
Life Like P2K 30764 GP38-2 Norfolk Southern 5280
Life Like P2K 30765 GP38-2 Norfolk Southern 5324
Atlas 7614 C40-8 Norfolk Southern 8692
Life Like P2K 31026 GP38-2 Norfolk Southern 5334
Life Like P2K 31027 GP38-2 Norfolk Southern 5385
Atlas 7615 C40-8 Norfolk Southern 8709
Athearn 80894 C44-9W Norfolk Southern 9255
Atlas 9647 8-40CW Norfolk Southern 8366
Atlas 9648 8-40CW Norfolk Southern 8387
Broadway Ltd 396 SD40-2 Norfolk Southern 1641
Atlas 8139 B23-7 Norfolk Southern 3981
Atlas 8140 B23-7 Norfolk Southern 3987
Broadway Ltd 398 SD40-2 Norfolk Southern 1652
Broadway Ltd 490 C30-7 Norfolk Southern 8036
Broadway Ltd 491 C30-7 Norfolk Southern 8057
Atlas 9810 8-40B Norfolk Southern 4812
Atlas 9811 8-40B Norfolk Southern 4817
Atlas 9960 8-40C Norfolk Southern 8690
Atlas 9961 8-40C Norfolk Southern 8713
BLI Blueline 5012 SD40-2 Norfolk Southern 1643
BLI Blueline 5013 SD40-2 Norfolk Southern 1649
BLI Blueline 5062 AC6000CW Southern Pacific 602
BLI Blueline 5048 C30-7 Norfolk Southern 8004
Atlas 9676 8-40CW Conrail 6225
Factory Direct 15-316 Trackmobile Norfolk Southern 4850
Atlas 9480 MP15-DC Norfolk Southern 2415
Atlas 9481 MP15-DC Norfolk Southern 2424
BLI Blueline 5014 SD40-2 Union Pacific 3055
Kato 37-6614 SD40-2 BNSF 6752
Kato 37-6624 C44-9W Union Pacific 9581
Kato 37-6621 C40-9W Norfolk Southern 8894
Kato 37-6621 C40-9W Norfolk Southern 9251
Athearn Genesis G67209 SD45-2 Norfolk Southern 1701
Athearn Genesis G64751 SD70MAC BNSF 9856
Athearn Genesis G67370 SD60M Norfolk Southern 6801

Here's my list.  Blue text indicates sound units.  The underlined road numbers are links to the pictures.




Engineer Jeff NS Nut
Visit my layout at:

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    September 2005
  • From: Glendora, CA
  • 1,423 posts
Posted by zgardner18 on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 12:41 AM


Here's just my MRL fleet.  Not counting my BNSF, BN, SF, UP, SP, and Amtrak (and other passenger fleet)

These are just the ones that I have finished too.  I still have some in the works for MRL not to mention the idea that I am considering purchasing the next 2 SD40s that Athearn are bringing out nor the SD70Ace possibilities too.

I now have 3 more that I can add to my MRL fleet that are coming in the mail.  the 3rd and final Athearn Genesis SD45-2 #306 w/ sound and #701 Atlas SD35 high short hood w/ sound.  I got them both on Ebay for around $75 each.  And a Susquanna SD45 from Athearn that I will patch #365 of MRL. 

Hopefully I'll save some money to still get those two new Athearn SD40s that will be out in MRL.  Still I have two BLI SD9s and a P2K SD45 that need to be painted MRL.  Oh, and a SDP40 that I am working on kitbashing along with an Athearn SD45 in SP that I am replacing the cab and nose then patching MRL.  So lots of work for me still.

--Zak Gardner

My Layout Blog:



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    April 2003
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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:24 PM

Here are the latest two additions....the Wabash PA1 A and B units and the Erie Lackawanna PA1

I just include these as a lesson in eBay purchasing.

The Wabash, as mentioned in an earlier post, arrived without the front door and headlight lenses.....although the rest of the loco is very lightly used and runs even better than the New in Box (old stock) EL PA1 that came from another seller.

The seller of the Wabash was not very inclined to help find the parts he had left out of the shipment, so I asked for a partial refund from Paypal.  The result was a $20 refund which I considered fair and the final  price to me was $43 for the A unit and dummy,

I made up the new door and lenses.

Paypal is a good service.  This is not the only time they have helped get satisfaction from a careless seller.

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    May 2008
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Posted by Last Chance on Thursday, December 31, 2009 4:56 AM

 Literally down to one engine a Bachmann 2-6-6-2 in On30. That will be a start of a new layout. Maybe a second engine soon but not yet necessary. Life is good, dozens of engines are not necessary anymore.

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    April 2003
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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, December 31, 2009 6:47 AM

 Well, not much left.

Following the global financial crisis, my road had to dispose of most of its roster. It is now down to a Bowser/Stewart ARR F 7 and an old Marklin E 94 box cab electric. Hopefully there will be more coming in 2010... Smile

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  • From: Dayton, Ohio
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Posted by bulldog_fan on Thursday, January 14, 2010 7:42 AM

Interesting to browse through this thread and get a feel for the various themes we enjoy and places we are in the hobby, kind of an anecdotal cross-section.  Lots of modern diesels, some early diesels, some steam.  Big collections, small collections, multiple roadnames or not so many.  Locos in storage or operating, simple run-some-trains layouts or beautiful realistic model railroads. 

I'm mostly an early-EMD cab unit guy, roadnames that appeal to me for sentimental reasons regardless of whether they ever operated near each other, collecting and storing rather than (yet) operating.  Really fun to see what some of the rest of you are doing, and inspiring to contemplate for the future. 

I keep intending to take and post some photos of my roster on this thread, but I keep getting tempted by just one more on eBay...



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Posted by Wikious on Thursday, January 14, 2010 10:01 AM


WSOR SD40-2 4009
WSOR GP38 3807
WSOR GP38 3808
WSOR GP38 3802
WSOR MP15AC 1503

UP SD40-2 4238
Future WSOR SD40-2 4011
Future WSOR GP38 3805
Future WSOR GP38 3803

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Posted by cahrn on Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:13 PM

Heres my modest roster. I have an S12 and an SW7 as well though I dont run them because they dont really fit my interests now that I have narrowed down my era (2004-2005 San Francisco Bay Area). I really just use my GP units though the C44-9W does find itself pulling some intermodal cars now and then. Sorry no good pictures.


GP40-2 UP 1440 formerly DRGW 3101, patched
GP38-2 UP 586 formerly SP 4823, patched
GP38-2 SP 4834
C44-9W SP 8125  
  • Member since
    January 2004
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Posted by liquidcross on Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:51 PM

My roster (sorry, no photos yet):

Chessie System (C&O) B30-7 (Atlas, w/DCC)
Western Maryland 2-8-0 Consolidation (Bachmann Spectrum, w/DCC)
B&O SW8 (Life-Like)
B&O SD7 (Life-Like)
B&O Doodlebug (Bachmann Spectrum)
C&O E8 (Life-Like)

As you can see, I've got some serious decoder installs to perform. Wink I've also got a few other locos, but they're not part of my layout's fleet; just a few cheap ones I picked up for my collection:

Union Pacific F7 (Life-Like)
ATSF MDT Plymouth (Bachmann)

N scale late 1970s-early 1980s Chessie System layout in progress.
  • Member since
    January 2010
  • 699 posts
Posted by UP 4-12-2 on Thursday, January 14, 2010 3:57 PM

I buy/trade often, but this is what I currently have:

2 - MTH UP 4-12-2's

1 - MTH DRGW Class L-97 4-6-6-4 (Union Pacific warbaby)

1 - Bachmann Spectrum PRR K-4

My sons have:

1 - P2K Soo Line Alco RS-27

5 - Assorted Bachmann Thomas (electric) steamers with moving eyes

1 - ancient Mantua Trolley

  • Member since
    August 2005
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Posted by AztecEagle on Thursday, January 14, 2010 7:41 PM

Sharp!!!My roster consists of an Atlas RS3 that runs like your proverbial red reared baboon;a LLP2K GP18 that runs kinda sluggish;LLP2K FA1 that runs about the same and an Athearn F7 that barely runs at all!!

Planning on modeling the MP in either East Texas or the Austin area ca.1959.

For now,running my locos around some Bachmann EZ Track with some freight cars and a caboose!! 



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Posted by jjgmodelrailroad on Saturday, January 16, 2010 3:28 AM

Here is a link to our club roster

My favorite power to run is the custom painted Nebraska Central SD45 or the OL&B SW1200 #47.

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Posted by bulldog_fan on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 2:58 PM

For 30-some years my locomotive roster consisted of an Athearn PA-1 and S-12, both in Erie Lackawanna paint, a simple but serviceable Tyco 4-6-2, and an elegant B&O "Royal Blue" 4-6-2 that had been my grandfather's.  The Royal Blue lived under a clear display cover on a shelf and the others were in a box in the closet, and for decades that was enough.

A few years ago Walthers' very nice Empire Builder set caught my attention, since the Empire Builder had been the highlight of trainwatching days with my grandfather during occasional childhood visits to his Chicago-area home, but the price tag kept me from doing anything other than thinking about it.  That was enough until early 2009, when I saw that the Empire Builder sets were going out of production, so a Proto 2000 F7A/B and fourteen of those cars are now in a box in my closet waiting with the older stuff for some future date when they'll get some active use.

That was enough for a few months, until I saw an advertisement for a Proto 2000 E7 in Milwaukee Road's Union Pacific color scheme and realized I'd seen that very locomotive or sister units during other trainwatching days with my grandfather.  So I had to have one of them too, with eight nice cars to keep it employed.

That was enough for a few weeks, until I saw an old non-working Varney F3, 1940s vintage, with a few elegantly simple Santa Fe decals still hanging on, going cheap on eBay.  Like ten zillion other kids I'd always admired the red and silver Santa Fe Fs, and unlike the big new Walthers sets the F3 didn’t use up about three years' worth of hobby budget, so I figured what the heck, another one can't hurt.

That was enough for a few days, until I saw more and more stuff that each seemed like just one more wouldn't hurt, and the floodgates opened.  Four Proto 2000 E8s, four Genesis F9s, two Genesis F7s, a Mantua F7, a couple of unspecified F7 B-unit dummies, two Precision Craft F3s, four Stewart FTs, a Cary Locomotive Works FT, an Athearn PB-1, two more Athearn S-12s, and 150-some cars have since come along, and I still can't resist browsing eBay and model train shows for good buys.  I think the big rush is over, but if I run across a nice set of Burlington E8s for Empire Builder duty, or a matching Santa Fe F3 set to turn those Precision Craft F3s into an ABBA lashup, I'm going to have to wrestle with that budget again.




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Posted by UncBob on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 4:02 PM

 Click on my Sig to see my running engines for the ME&O

51% share holder in the ME&O ( Wife owns the other 49% )


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    July 2007
  • 254 posts
Posted by Railroader_Sailor_SSN-760 on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 4:32 PM

 I would have to look pretty hard to figure out what the actual number of engines in all gauges are in my roster.

Here is a "family portrait" of the different gauges that we run:

Front row, left to right: HO, TT, N

Second Row: S, Z, O, G

Third Row: L, 8 3/4" (Ride-on type)

If I had to geuss, I would have to say that we have around 100 O gauge engines, 40 S gauge engines, 80 HO Gauge engines, 60 TT scale engines, 30 N gauge engines, 1 Z scale engine, 1 8 3/4" engine, and  3 G gauge locomotives. As L gauge is not set in stone, I would have to say that we have 4-8 assembled L gauge engines at any given time.

So many scales, so many trains, so little time.....

  • Member since
    December 2004
  • From: Pa.
  • 3,153 posts
My Roster
Posted by DigitalGriffin on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 4:56 PM


One 4-8-2 Heavy Mtn J2 class C&O (George Washington by Bachmann)

Three 2-10-4 T-1 class C&O by BLI/Blueline

Two 2-6-6-2 H-5 class C&O by Bachmann

One 2-8-4 K-4 Class C&O by Proto 2000

Two 2-6-6-6 H-8 Class C&O by RR

One 0-8-0 USRA design (C-16A class) C&O by Proto 2000

Three 0-6-0T by Bachmann (unlettered)

Two B&O 0-4-0T Dockside (Varney and LL)

One 2-8-0 Consoldation (WM Fireball) by Bachmann

One 2-8-2 K-1 class C&O by IHC

One 2-8-8-2 Y3 Class VGN proto 2000

One 3 Truck Shay (Wehrhouser) by Bachmann


Three F-7 C&O by Athearn Genesis (A-B-A)

One F-7 C&O Proto 2000 (A Unit)

One E-7A (first gen paint) C&O by BLI

Two E-7A (last gen paint) C&O by Proto 2000

One Baldwin VO-1000 by Stewart Hobbies (Patapsco and Back River)

Two RS-2's C&O Proto 1000

29 Engines Total

I'm extremely grateful to Bachmann for all the C&O stuff they produce!  I'm planning on loading up on the H-4s when they come out.

Don - Specializing in layout DC->DCC conversions

Modeling C&O transition era and steel industries There's Nothing Like Big Steam!

  • Member since
    June 2006
  • From: Baltimore, MD
  • 1,726 posts
Posted by CSX_road_slug on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 6:56 PM

Here's my B&O roster [so far]:

I also have a number of CSX locos, but I plan to sell them so I can buy more B&O and WM.  There are also 3 Atlas GP40's and an Atlas GP38, not pictured, that haven't yet been painted in their B&O livery. 

-Ken in Maryland  (B&O modeler, former CSX modeler)

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