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Posted by Postwar Paul on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 1:35 PM

Eric, the cane cars look great ! Thanks for posting.  I have memories of the cane fields in Queensland, Australia, from 40 years ago. The cane went on for miles and miles! Not the first thing you think of about Australia, but QLD is very tropical climate. I have some pictures somewhere. Look in' great !!


idea: processing mill !!

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Posted by HCF on Friday, May 1, 2020 3:31 PM


The whole journey of the Triple O so far has been a delight to read. I found it really heartening as a beginner just to see how much progress can be made in ~four years which happens to be the amount of time I have to get my railroad really running. 

I'll try to take a page from your book and involve my family in the railroad too, though I think it won't be easy to get my fam super excited about the trains.

You and the Triple O have helped me to adapt my mindset too and now I'm thinking about my railroad less in terms of expansion and more in terms of bringing life to the track I already have. 

Your cane cars make me want to begin researching ore cars in order to build my own since copper ore is the blood of this state.

Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to seeing where the Triple O goes next, 


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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Sunday, May 3, 2020 1:23 AM


     Mahalo (Thank You) for your kind words.  I wrote the blog as a means to ask questions, record answers, and to commit myself to action.  I am flattered to find it can serve as a way to move another's railroad into being!

    As for getting family involved, see if you can  integrate the railroad into their interests.  Does someone cook?  Find herbs that will grow where you plan to run tracks.  Is someone into fish?   Try an easy "tub pond."  Do they use the yard to entertain?  Make sure the trains can carry appetizers (It's a great party shtick you only need for about 20 minutes as guests arrive).  As someone once told me, to be successful, if "Someone in the family wants a pink one or something with dopey googley eyes, just do it.  It'll pay off later."  Be flexibe, and incorporate their needs into your vision.  They may never become active in the hobby, but, if you let them see a bit of themselves in your railroad, they will actively share in your pride for whatever your ultimately create.



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