Progress on the Triple O

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Posted by chocho willy on Monday, June 18, 2018 10:15 AM

Eric, really looking good, the pile of rocks reminds me of the good old days of coquina rock finding, as they use to say "the mother load". What is the building in the corner picture, in front of the water tower, looks like a 2 story switching tower? Is that one you were working on for the MLK? Keep up the great work, Bill 

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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Thursday, June 21, 2018 2:40 AM

Bill & Tom,

Thanks as always for the encouragement and kind words!

Bill, the my father-in-law built a pair of little switch towers to hide light switches tha turn the two station tracsk on and off.  The 2x4 beauty the gang and I crafted for the build challend on Large Scale Central is just visible in the rear.  You can see its outsized observation platform.  This, too, has swithes to turn tracks on and off, but we've yet to wire them in due to family travel and bad weather.

Next on the "need" to build is a replacement for that little truss.  Kid-zilla did a number on it.  It is holding for now as I dither looking at options - wood vs. vinyl; deck girder cs. trestle.  At this stage, simple and durable will win out.

Oh, photo proof of progress...

Oldest Daughter buttressed this turn into Haluku'ilio.  She observed Mr. Otto the Cattle Dog follows this path to the guppy pond, and figured we should double brace the curve:

My father-in-law built the structures from his scrap heap, by the way.

We worked together to countersink stones in here to suppor the outer loop, add visiual separation, and give more sense of mass to the tunnel complex.  These are before and after shots, though obviously taken from opposite sides of the railroad:

Before:   After:   


We also replaced a series of small stones with larger rocks to shore up the mainline to Pu'u'oma'o.  Again, you have different angles, but you get the idea.  Also, I thought it time I submit proof I occassionally get dirty on the railroad, too!

Before:     After:  

Trains ran great after we leveled the grade, though the slight rise from right to left where you see the caboose disappearing still seems to slow trains down.

Hope your week is going well!




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