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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Friday, April 07, 2017 2:56 AM



Just a quick post to report an attempt at a HardieBacker building is under its dusty way and that the foamworking kit is finally on order.  The solar powered pumps for the pond will have to wait.  If anything, the we have more shade over the pond this year, and the guppies did just fine last summer.

In the meantime, we had a recent "Little People on the Railroad Day," which, beyond being a lot of fun, got the clan revved up to try their hand at structure building.

For fun, here are a few of some of the more railroad oriented portions of "Little People on the Railroad Day" that highlight some of the progress we have made...

For starters, this time we used some drop cloths to catch detail parts as we set up.  We also topped off some of our gravel to get level tracks and buildings:

We incorporated Tom's suggestion to use "Charlie," our broken railtruck, as the center for a vignette.  This sort of got the crew to focus on how to populate scenes around the line.

This is the pond area, with my father-in-law's handywork clearly visible behind the water hyacinth.  Adding a siding led to a brief argument with Charles of "Charles' Marine Supply," but after resolving it, did add interest and fun.  This is part of my effort to get folks to think about "What does the Triple O do?"

"Hell's Mountain" in bloom!  We've since trimmed back the daisies to let the sedum continue to come in.  The mountain is scrap concrete and lava rock.  There isa plan to add a mine with a track for mine carts to come out over the siding.  First the fairies will have to move...

OK, I just think this one is cool. 

Cattle ranch...mine...dock...and the theme became "Trains moving critters and folks to a wedding party."  Oh, well, the kids figured out which cars to use, switched them about, and got everyone to the nuptials on time!


That's it for now from Sunny Hawai'i! I imagine the next update will include what I shall generously call "handiwork" with my attempt at structures.

Until then, ALOHA!


- Eric 



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