LGB curves for Aristo streamliners.....scale of vehicles for flatcar loads.

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LGB curves for Aristo streamliners.....scale of vehicles for flatcar loads.
Posted by pirate lynn on Saturday, March 31, 2018 10:55 PM

Simple question:  are LGB 15000 curves okay to run my Aristocraft F7A and B units along with max of 2 aluminum streamliner cars (corrugated sides)?  My new backyard layout won't be too big but I just wanted some input as to if I could get by with those LGB curves as opposed to the 16000 which seem too extended. Thanks.


Uh oh........one other question re: flat car loads:  any opinion as to what scale vehicles work with my flat cars.  I'm hearing 1/32 from a lot of modelers but others say 1/24 or 1/25.  Thanks again!

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Posted by chocho willy on Sunday, April 01, 2018 1:05 PM

      Can't address the first ? the person to go to is "greg@elmassian.com" he can answer just about any car or engine ? Nice guy always willing to help. As far as loads just about anything will work 1/38 to 1:20 I've got a mirror image 1/38 scale WWII bulldozer and it looks fine next to my 1/24 Die cast 54 chevy pick up, remember 10' rule, Bill 

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Posted by Greg Elmassian on Sunday, April 01, 2018 1:08 PM

It's going to be tight, and the sage advice is fit as large curves as you can manage.


Many, many people have fitted small curves, only to be later disappointed in how trains run and the limitations of what they can run. 10' minimum diameter curves for USA mainline train prototypes.


So, my advice is don't do it. Find a way to fit the 8' diameter curves. Even that is tight for many trains.


The scale of the cars is what looks right to you. 1:32 will look way to small on 1:29 flat cars. 1:24 a bit big. 1:25 better.



Visit my site: http://www.elmassian.com - lots of tips on locos, rolling stock and more.

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Posted by ttrigg on Sunday, April 01, 2018 10:09 PM

I'm going to echo Gregs comments, with one very minor exception. I think the 1:25 looks best, BUT this is YOUR empire, run what looks good to YOU.


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