Hiding batteries when lighting buildings

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Hiding batteries when lighting buildings
Posted by chocho willy on Thursday, December 07, 2017 1:46 PM

I have lately been converting my buildings from track or transformer powered lighting to either battery or solar powered. My freight station only has one light and it is a micro LED that I put into my train side goose neck lamp and wanted to power it by a battery. I purchased a AAA 2 battery holder with switch and painted it to look like an old steamer trunk and when tucked inside the door the wire disappears, wanting to turn it on, just pull it out, flip over, flip the switch and replace it inside the building with the good side up. I once left it on by mistake and found it 2 weeks later with the light still on. still using the light with the same batteries. The con side to this is you must purchase, batteries, battery holder, and turn a switch on, the pro side is you can place the building anywhere and it is lit, no wires to run, and no transformers needed. steamer trunk battery holderbattery holdersteamer trunk (battery holder)

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Posted by rbrr on Friday, December 08, 2017 3:58 PM

Thanks for sharing this !

Like the  simulated trunk idea :)


I've been kickin' this idea around especially for AAs  since various items don't take the batteries down to 0  and figure with LEDs that they would, slowly fading out to off.  

Good way to 'kill' them off completely,  before redirecting the dead battery carcass !


doug c

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