P T Tubifo LGB log car

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P T Tubifo LGB log car
Posted by chocho willy on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 6:26 PM

Earlier I had acquired a LGB log car and at the time I had one of my Stanz's pulling my logging stuff and the log car was just too long. It sat on the shelf for years without thought, but now that I have my 2-4-0 engine w/powered tender and newly finished water tank engine, along with working caboose, I pulled it back out. For some reason I had put tender wheels on it, I think to make it look smaller which it did at the same time I had cut down a Lionel flat car to he same look as the LGB car (fat ends and skinny center frame) so that they would some what to match also putting tender wheels on it. I then found out by doing so it lowered the whole car couplers and all the 2 worked good together but didn't mate up with other cars. So back to the shelf..... Back to real time I've decided to look at raising the couplers on both cars and I have since cut a section out of the LGB car to match the length of the Lionel car, and not sure that I can raise the loop couplers enough, just might have to go back to standard sized wheels and not worry about the couplers. The logs are from a cedar closet post that I sand blasted, when you sand blast a soft wood like cedar the sand removes the soft wood faster than the hard, hence the appearance of tree trunks in the piece, was going to burn the ends with a car cigarette lighter to show rings but I opted for fuzzy cuts on the ends of the logs and gave a little color to the wood with acrylic paint. Pictured is the newer shortened car with one of the original logs from LGB so you can see how much it  has been shortened. Hope you enjoy, Bill

shortened LGB log car

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Posted by PVT Kanaka on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 11:58 PM


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