looking for Lionel Texas Special Train set

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looking for Lionel Texas Special Train set
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, April 26, 2004 2:39 AM
This was my first train set from my Dad, any leads, sure would like to
have a set for memories...thank you kindly
engine, blue, and orange round track, came in a complete set.
I was about 8years old, now 47!
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Posted by daan on Monday, April 26, 2004 3:20 AM
Hi Rickwbuss. The blue and orange are the colors from Lionel. The Texas special is a red engine,only one motor and also only as an A-B combination. The number of that engine was 2245, offered since 1954 'till probably 3 or 4 years later. It is the type with open portholes and horns made of 2 pieces, the cab door has a seperate ladder. I couldn't find any set with track and rolling stock, but may be someone else knows more.
Do you live in Europe too? (posting time)
Daan. I'm Dutch, but only by country...
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Posted by Dr.Fu-Manchu on Monday, April 26, 2004 3:41 AM
The [}:)] Doctor is In!!! Reliving child hood is nice, but can be costly!!! I was looking at
one of my lionel books(i like the history of my hobby)I had to figure out the year you
got your set( I am the same age as you) and it was 1965,if my counting was right.
The set in question was #11560 The 211 Texas Special . Acording to my book the set
came as listed: 211P/211T Texas Special Alco AA units; 6473 rodeo car; 6176 yellow
or black Lehigh Valley hopper; 6124 blue or green gondola with two canisters; 6465
orange Lionel Lines two-dome tank car; 6059 M St.L SP -type caboose; twelve curved
and three straight track;90 degree crossing;6149 uncoupling section; and a 1025 45-watt transformer. It was 027 Gauge and it was #37.50 retail. The price (1994 book)
was listed at $165.00 in VG, $275.00 in LN condition. The price may have gone up or
down since then. I advise checking the train shows and letting folk know what you want.
Or buying the parts at train shows and putting the set together with out the box. This
may cost more than a set in the box .Here is the current price for the items: the diesels:
$80.00 Good/ $160.00 Exc, 6473 rodeo car(horse car) $9.00/$24.00 ; 6176 yellow $3/$9 Black $3/$8; 6124 gondola; $2/$5 ; 6465 tank car;$5/$14; 6059 caboose; red paint
$$13/$22; red unpainted;$4/$8; unpainted maroon; $7/$12; Now, let's add this up! And
go with the high end(exc condition:not counting track. The greenburg guide prices add
up to at least $234.00(more for variations on some cars) But you may get lucky! Try
the train shows or put an ad in Classic Toy Trains want ad section. I hope this helps
you in your search. I speak from the"I had that, now I am replacing it, and it cost more!"
My childhood collection, built from many trips to salvation army, goodwill stores and
fleamarkets got washed away in a flash flood in the late 70's. The Good news is: my
collection is bigger than it was.(still don't have a NYC F-3 unit) So don't give up, when
all else fails, E-Bay! Till Next Missive, I Remain The Humble, Yet Strangely Evil Doctor!!!

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Posted by spankybird on Monday, April 26, 2004 6:31 AM
Gee guys,
You forget to welcome Rick to the forum.

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Posted by cnw1995 on Monday, April 26, 2004 9:01 AM
Why not look at Williams to see if they have something similar to this set? See http://www.williamstrains.com/

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Posted by Anonymous on Monday, April 26, 2004 1:48 PM
Rick, Blue and orange sounds like a jersy central nw2 switcher. C&O has blue and yellow paint scheme too. C&O a bunch of different diesel types.
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Posted by sort187 on Saturday, May 08, 2004 7:07 AM
I have it....I just bought a "train set" from a friend of mine at work...said it belonged to his dad......it's about 47 years old....and it is USED....rusty and dusty and pretty well worn....but it works.....I just had it on the test track for the better part of the day, yesterday. It needed oiling in a bad way, but it runs and with a little TLC should run good as new....all the cars described above are exactly what I have (except for the rodeo car, that would need to be replaced).

Now for the bad news......the locomotive bodies were spray painted silver and black , but I managed to chip away some of the silver, and found the words "The Texas Special"....I went online to see if I could find the original paint scheme because I wanted to strip down the locos and redo them in the correct colors. The rest of the cars are dusty, the wheels have some rust on them and the couplers are sticky, (it sat in an attic for nearly 30 years) so I'm working on that.

The transformer that I have is black, with a silver throttle, and there is a little red button on it....it reads "whistle control" but none of the cars or the locos appear to have that option. However, when I pu***he button, it causes the locomotive to pick up speed.

Something I almost forgot: the directional lever, its on the locomotive. It works like this: push forward to the front of the loco to move forward, push again to stop, push again to move backward. I'm sure it's not supposed to sit on the electrical contact after engaging (it makes a horrible buzzing sound) so I have to assume that there was some kind of spring used to snap the lever back. Any information about that would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, May 08, 2004 3:40 PM
Williams is producing a Texas Special set in their Golden Memories line. The Rock has one of these on order. It is a reproduction of the Lionel set produced back in the 50's. As mentioned above, info is on the Williams website www.williamstrains.com

For the best deals on Williams, contact Marty at MA & PA Junction: marty@mapajunction.com

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