Lionel 455 Oil Derrick Repair

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Lionel 455 Oil Derrick Repair

  • I have a postwar 455 that does not work. The wire to the light bulb is disconnected. I think that I am missing a part. I cannot figure out where to solder the wire. The light bulb holder is in place, a spring is in the holder but the bottom of the holder is empty. Does anyone know what part is missing? I went to the diagram at the Olsen site but I cannot tell from the picture what part is gone.

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  • The part you are looking for is a fiber washer with a metal eyelet in the center.  A length of 24ga superflex wire is soldered to the eyelet, to connect the lamp base to the thermostat.

    There are a few different numbers for this part, and it will be easier for you to tell who you are ordering your part from what you need, and they will know what to sell you.

    Sorry if this is vague.


  • The part old part # is 151-38, New part # 600-0151-038,




    Factory Trained Lionel Service Tech.
  • Thank you for the info. I found the part at several suppliers. However, the part is $1.70 but the shipping is $8.00. Any suggestion for an alternative?

  • You could solder the wire directly to the center contact of the lamp.  (Be sure to thread it through the socket first!)  Of course, you would have to repeat the process every time you changed the lamp.

    Or I could mail you one.  (They're not really worth anything unless you need one.)  Post your address, and I'll put it it the mail.

    Bob Nelson

  • Bob:

    Thank you so much. My address is P.O. Box 8149, Newark, DE 19714.

     Matt Bartkowski

  • It's on its way!

    Bob Nelson