Fast track or k-line snap track?

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Fast track or k-line snap track?
Posted by 7Grandkids on Friday, December 27, 2019 5:14 PM

Have moved to a new house and finally have a room for trains!!!!!, Have a decent collection of sets and trains beck to 1950s. Have 7 grandchildren WHO LOVE PLAYING WITH PAPA'S TRAINS. I have a fiar amount of old yublar linoel track, have started to collect fast track used for trains around trees etc. Now I have opportunity to buy a massive lot of k-line snap track. Am in the design phase of the layots in the train room. I like fast track and snap track cause of the eask of little hands working with it.

Please give me your thoughts on the issue.




Papa Leo

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Posted by NNJRailfan on Friday, January 3, 2020 4:01 PM

I assume you mean K-Line's Super Snap?  If you're looking for more realism, Super Snap (and it's non-snap cousins Super K and Shadow Rail) offer a little more realism than Fastrack because their ties are modeled after real railroad ties.  They are also interchangeable with O gauge tubular rail (except thta the ties are taller than tubular's metal plates), 022 switches and accessories such as the 260 bumpers that are designed to mount on tubular rail.

If you're looking to build your railroad empire on the carpet, then Fastrack is a better choice since the track's base is wide and there are no gaps between the rails for those pesky carpet fibers to creep up into the motorworks.

This car stops at ALL railroad crossings!

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Posted by fifedog on Saturday, January 4, 2020 9:30 AM

The first thing to ask yourself:  How complex a track design am I going for?

Simple loops, no matter how large, are easier laid with Fastrack.  Remember, there needs to be a certain "symmetry" for pieces to line up.  The more twists and turns, rise and run, you incorporate, the more difficult to get rigid track systems to work.

Good ol' tubular track allows you to "fudge" a bit, especially when track pieces don't line up.  It has a certain "wigg-ah-bility".  

My best friend uses K-line super-snap track, and swears buy it.  

How many switches do you want to employ?

O-gauge switches are real estate eaters, as well as finance drainers.  If you have a certain amount of switches in the brands you have on hand, I would be tempted to start with them.

What is working for me at present?

Everything.  I have 4 lines, on 3 levels, with 0 grades.  One level is S-gauge, using old American Flyer track.  One level is a mixture of Atlas Industrial Rail (I love its look), with Ross sections (for appearance) over trestles, O-31 tubular (for hidden places to save money), and even a stretch of O-27 straights on a through truss bridge (profile fitted better).  I tie (no-pun) them together with GarGraves pins (803), and GarGraves mating pins (801).  Hey, they work fine.  On my main level I have again mixed Atlas Industrial Rail with tubular rail, with return loops on each end with Lionel O-72 switches.  I even employ several Lionel old hand throw switches just to spice up operating (and cut celery).  On the inner loop, I use O-31 track (with Johnson rubber roadbed) with O-27 curves in my "tunnels". 

I may eventually replace all visible pieces of track with Insutrial Rail (with exception of the switches), but for now, I'm happy.

I hope this helps some.

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Posted by BigAl 956 on Thursday, January 16, 2020 9:58 AM

Now I have opportunity to buy a massive lot of k-line snap track. Am in the design phase of the layots in the train room. I like fast track and snap track cause of the eask of little hands working with it.

I think you answered your own question. Yes, FasTrack is easier to put together and take down and probably best for a seasonal carpet 'around the tree' railroad. It's expensive to purchase though, so if your building a large semi permanent layout your track investment easily runs into 4 figures. For your permanent layout K-line super snap is nice looking track and it is compatible with tube track. If you can get it at a good price it will work well. IMHO, tube track is the way to go on a permanent layout. I've seen some large FasTrack layouts on social media and all I can think of is the thousands of dollars invested in track.

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