Louis Marx Cat.No. 1669 Setup Help for 3 rail train track - Lionel Trains

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Louis Marx Cat.No. 1669 Setup Help for 3 rail train track - Lionel Trains
Posted by Garage.Sale.junkie.for.trains on Sunday, August 27, 2017 3:22 PM

i have searched high and low online for a how to setup my newly acquired Lionel Trains with (I guess) a 3 rail track with a 100W, 60 cycle , Toy Transformer power source. As you can tell I am very inexperienced in this arena. 

After several hours of research and finding out that Louis Marx is no longer a viable company, the manuals are (for me) extremely hard to find. 

I purchased a dusty Lionel train set at a garage sale (my autistic son LOVES trains, Thomas the Train specifically) and I wanted to have one thing that I am knowledgeable with when he is ready for an upgrade. he is only 4 now, so I have some time.

but anyhow, this train set is set up and I am ready to educated myself on the "how in the ..." does this thing work. I don't even know if it does work.

I spent 30 dollars on the whole thing, and my wife told me I was either brilliant for the purchase or an idiot for not making him show me it works.


I tested the transformer it generates power, but hooking it up properly has my baffled.

ASSISTANCE PLEASE. My sanity depends on your expertise and willingness to share so that I can be the Superhero for my son when he is ready. (Oh yeah, show my wife "what's up")


Thank you in advance. Pictures will do me wonders.

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Posted by ADCX Rob on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:23 AM


Start HERE with Thor's Marx overview, then HERE for details on hookups & operation.


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Posted by LL675 on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 2:29 PM

nothing to worry about, trains are easy. your track has three rails. your transformer needs to have two wires run from it to the track. you need what is called a lock on to connect the wires to the track. one wire needs to go to the center rail, and the other wire goes to one of the outside rails. 


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