Wiring Up A TMCC Connection on a Conventional Layout

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Wiring Up A TMCC Connection on a Conventional Layout
Posted by MickeyDemian on Sunday, March 19, 2017 8:49 PM


   Now please bear with me because I'm a newbie at this electronics.   I normally run PW conventional engines.  After inheriting some TMCC equipment ( Trainmaster Command Base and Cab-1 Remote-part # 6-12911 and a Powermaster  Unit that has  a switch for both 135 or 180 output part # 6-24130, I am confused on exactly to hook this up to my conventional track using an old Lionel Lockon.  Does having a Powermaster mean I don't use my old ZW?  The command base has a Track U terminal which means I connect a wire from the Command base U terminal to a U terminal on the ZW, right?  So must I also run a lead from the outside rail lockon connection to the same U post on the ZW?  If not, how does one complete the circuit for power?   I searched for videos to no avail.  Any help and wiring instructions will be much appreciated.


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Posted by rtraincollector on Sunday, March 19, 2017 9:38 PM

Okay if your trying to run a command engine The U on your transformer should go to your outside rails. The A,b,c, or D to the middle rail. The base unit should have a 3 prong plug adapter that will connect to it. ( that powers it. ) there should be a place to attach one wire on it. that needs a wire going to the track connector for outside rails or you can connect it to the U on your Transformer. Now before I go any further you should have fast acting fuse or other items that do that. Okay check out these manuals from Lionel 





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Posted by ADCX Rob on Sunday, March 19, 2017 9:43 PM

If you don't have any TMCC/Command equipment, the Command Base is not used.

The PM-1 PowerMaster w/ Cab-1 is used with conventional trains like a remote control handle of a ZW. There is no transformer in it, it is powered by an external source, for example the C or D handle of your ZW set to full throttle.

The manual to get you started with basic PM-1 conventional operation can be viewed HERE.

Here is the "video manual" for the 135/180 model PM-1 to get you started:


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