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Lionel Postwar 3454 Merchandise Car and 3562 Barrel Car VIDEO

  •  Here is a video of my Lionel Postwar 3454 Operating Merchandise Car unloading boxes and 3562 Operating Barrel Car unloading barrels.  The Merchandise car is a bit finicky to get it to operate consistantly but the Barrel Car works easily.



      David from Dearborn  

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  • Fun to note that the boxes being tumbled out of the merchandise car were all labeled 'FRAGILE'. 

    Your last video of your automated milk car prompted me to go on a search and aquire mission.  Now you've got me thinking again......

  •  Very cool video and nice job of editing.

    Terry Thomann Fredericksburg, Virginia That is me on the left. My brother got the train TCA 09-64381

  •  Well Done!  Now I want a Merchandise Car!

     Jon  Cool

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  • As usual, very nicely done Dave. Enjoyable, smooth and precise. The labels 'Fragile' and 'This End Up' add a realistic touch. The large platform with the retaining rail is a neat feature. The 'Barrel' car Crewman's hair cut and work clothes all appear very neat, anything that you did to spruce them up, or was he bought that way? Very entertaining. Thank you, Ralph
  • Great video, Dave. I, too, was amused by the "fragile" labels as the boxes were briskly ejected from the car! One question: the platform that the boxes and barrels are being unloaded onto: is that scratchbuilt or is it a purchase? It looks really good. I have a barrel loading platform with the vibrotor in it that always seems finicky to get to work right, and it has a huge footprint, maybe I'll scrap it for your method.
  • My 3454 didn't come with any boxes so I cut 1/2" cubes out of maple, painted them gray and as a gag I added the "FRAGILE" and "THIS SIDE UP" labels.  I also made the unloading platform.  It has a slight slope away from the track so that barrels and logs will roll away as they are unloaded and I added the handrail so that the boxes don't fly off when they are unloaded.  The platform is just deep enough for 3 of the barrels, that's why the car needs to move after unlaoding 3 of them.

      David from Dearborn