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What On Your Layout Right Now, (Fall 2009 Edition)

  • All American Flyer

    290 engine

    5 red 650’s New Haven Pullman passenger cars

    Red 654 Pullman observation car

    Red 651 New Haven baggage car

    Red 718 Mail car

    Red 732 Operating baggage car


    21085 engine

    10 grey 640’s w/simulated coal loads

    630 caboose


  •  I really like these threads. Right now I've got a 2025 on the outer loop pulling a 6461 transformer cars and a cut of 6464 boxcars. A 6417 caboose is bringing up the rear.

     On the inner loop, I've got an MPC era 2-4-2 starter set engine pulling 5 billboard reefers and a Penn Central starter set SP caboose.  Been buying MPC reefers lately; the decoration is really good, and the prices are great.


    J White


  • Jwse30 - It seems to be a small world.  My son and his wife are living in Hobart.  I'll give you a heads up next time we head up that way.  Maybe we could meet for a sandwich or something.

  • On the main line my newly aquired 2354 NYC F3 A-A set pulling postwar streamlined cars, on the inner loop my 736 pulling my collection of soda box cars, cant remember them all I know I had my pepsi and Dr. pepper ones in there.

    "No childhood should be without a train!"

  • It is always great to hear about what trains you have running !


    I should add, I always have the 4 tracks of my Union Station full with trains waiting for their next run.

    Track 1, Lionel 2041 RI Dummy unit, with 3 K-Line Golden State Streamliners.

    Track 2, K-Line Semi Scale Hudson, with 2 PW Irvington Cars.

    Track 3, 3 Lionel WC Streamlined Cars (from Menard's set).

    Track 4, 3 Marx Santa Fe Streamlined Cars.


    Happy Weekend All !





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  • I have my Rock Island set with gondola's,Chicago and Alton set and my son's NASCAR collection.

           Have a great day   Mike

  • Right now on my layout I am running 3 Williams locos. On the upper level, track 1 has a Pennsy small Hudson and 5 MTH Pennsy heavyweight passenger cars and on track 2 is a pair of Pennsy Alco FAs and 14 Atlas Industrial Rail coal hoppers and an MTH Pennsy caboose. On the lower level is an ABA set of Williams Santa Fe F3s pulling a mixed freight of mixed manufacturers cars with a Lionel Lines bay window caboose bringing up the rear.


    Toy Trains, they are not just an adventure, they are a way of life !

  • 8653 GG1 and 2718 Southern Berkshire

    also I have a number of club cars from Chicago Lionel Rail Road Club


  • Southern Division: Portland Rose (FEF greyhound, aux tender, weaver RPO, 9 K-Line heavyweights).


    UP Division: LM BigBoy 20 car mixed freight and City of Portland (Lionel E7 ABB, MTH RE. Lionel baggage, combo, 2 coaches, 2 diners, MTH sleeper, 2 Lionel domes, obs).


    WP Division: my space train ( Lionel UP/WP Heritage SD70ACe, MTH booster set, MTH and Lionel NASA cars, UP/WP heritage caboose).

    Fabulous Forrest at the Brewer Avenue & Pacific
  • Post War American Flyer.

    Outer loop has an Alco 360 - 364 pulling a series of heavyweights, 653 two 652's and a 654. 

    On the inner loop is a UP 336 pulling a FY & PRR 20, 30 and 40.  It looks wierd, but wanted to try it out. 

    Waiting on a siding is an old 312 SIB staged with a series of 633 white and tuscan B & O box cars.

    I just cleaned the track, and will be doing some switching around later tonight.  Yes I have the dust too, it doesn't take long to get dirty.


  •  AF early 9900 Zephyr Streamliner (the cast aluminum one).

     Long string of 6464's (mostly repros and MPC with replacement metal trucks), pulled by a home made 'Little Joe' which uses a 2353 frame, two extra GP9 dummy trucks front and back, and homemade platforms out each end. Shell is the Williams EP5 Milwaukee Road paint with Lionel Pantagraphs on top. 

    A repaired 1615 steam switcher

    A nice 2046 steamer, and other recently repaired engines


  • I'm running a post war Lionel GP-7 2338 on the outer loop pulling 6464 boxcars and a double bin dump car with a baywindow caboose. On the inner loop its my trusy 2025 pulling all Lehigh Valley coal hoppers and 2357 caboose.I have my Williams F3's standing by for duty and a 2046 waiting to give the 2025 a rest. 


  • This is what is operating on my layout on Halloween night.  Lots of animated animal cars!

    Outer Loop -- Lionel Lines 520 Boxcab Electric, 16681 Aquarium, 6473 Horse Transport, 6473 Breyer Horse Transport, 9280 ATSF Horse Transport, 6357 Lionel Lines Caboose.

    Upper Loop -- Lionel 610 Erie NW2, 3376 Bronx Zoo Giraffe, 16683 Los Angeles Zoo Elephant, 3377 Binder Zoo Giraffe (custom), 7804 San Diego Zoo Giraffe, 16603 Detroit Zoo Giraffe, 6457 Lionel Caboose

    Lionel 60 Trolley

    3472 Lionel Milk Car (waiting to unload milkcans)

      David from Dearborn  

  • Right now Hogwarts Express inner loop with a K-Line Pacific pulling a 3 unit consist of UP Heavyweights and a K-line Big Boy with a consist of various freight on the outer loop. A Lionel ATSF H12-44 is on a side track performing switching duties. A WBB UP Heritage is idle on a side track.

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