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If you could find it one, what is the single most expensive Lionel item?

  • Anyone know what the most expensive collectible Lionel item would be?

    I don't have anything in mind, I was just curious.

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  • The Brute would be my guess!
  •  Hello GV!     To date,the single-most expensive Lionel Train was sold at Auction last year for $250,000.00., It was a Standard Gauge set from 1934 Mint in the box with a 400E Engine & State Passenger Cars. All in immaculate condition too. Almost looked like it came from the factory. In second place would be the Brass Protoype for the 700E Hudson that sold for over $77,000.00 & used to sit on a shelf in Joshua Cowen's New York office behind his desk & is a valuable piece of Lionel History in itself. These are two items that come to mind here. Take Care.

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  •  thor wrote:
    The Brute would be my guess!

    That's my guess also !!

    Thanks, John

  •   There has been many outragious prices paid for Lionel trains. I believe a mint 700e went for 100,000plus. If it is MIB and rare who knows. It is all about what collectors are willing to pay. If you were to find a prototype for a desireable piece or a very rare variation, I am sure it would catch a pretty penny. There have been set boxes that went for many thousands.
  • Well, the last I heard, the owner of the "Brute" (Allison Cox) was asking $500,000.00 for her. Don't know if anyone has ponied up the cash though. If anyone ever does, methinks that would be your winner right there. The Standard gauge set that Keith mentioned above is the most expensive Lionel item that I have ever heard that ACTUALLY SOLD, though.

     - Clint 

  • What is the "Brute"?

    Modeling the "FARGO AREA RAPID TRANSIT" in O scale 3 rail.


     I also would agree with the brute!


     Boyd wrote:
    What is the "Brute"?


    The brute was a really big model that was made for JLC when he had items being made in italy.  It was a lot bigger then standerd gauge.  This is the only info I know.



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  • The "Brute" kind of resembles a Bi-Polier. I think there was 2 made the massive one that is huge that just went up for sale and a identical one but smaller I thing it is O-gauge. I think CTT had a article this year on the big one and that they stripped it of paint and did some kind of preservation to the metal. But the smaller one is still in original shape painted green. Don't remember where I saw the info on the smaller one. Mite of been the same article.

    Me I would like the smaller Mini-Brute cause of course if I owned it I would run it.

    FOUND IT. May 2007 "The Brute stops here"

    The smaller one here it states in a picture is a SUPER 381

  • The Brute:


    Bob Nelson

  • I would have to agree about the Brute and the mint standard gauge set mentioned, but also worthy of consideration and possible winners would be the early motorized gondola and trolleys from the first days of Lionel as a train supplier.