Looking forward to York

Posted 3 years ago by Roger Carp
The happy feeling starts to hit me around August. This is the time when I remember that it is my turn among members of the editorial staff of Classic Toy Trains to attend the “York Show.” I’m referring to the legendary show for toy train collectors and operators around, the one the Eastern Division of the Train Collectors Association organizes in April and October of each year in York, Pa. I’ve had the good fortune to go to the show at least once annually on behalf of CT...

Not the same hobby - but better!

Posted 3 years ago by Bob Keller
I received my first trains as an infant in 1955. After about 1959 I had usually free access to setting my trains up, but my mother usually put them up the next time she vacuumed. They went into boxes in 1967 and remained there (other than being re-packed by military movers) until 1991. Yes, the locomotives all operated the first time power was applied. Applause for that good old postwar Lionel lube! When I went to my first train show, postwar-style or traditional trains (whether vintage or curr...


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