Halloween decor you can use on your layout: Michaels

Posted by Rene Schweitzer
on Friday, October 4, 2019

I'm back with another Halloween report! If you're new here, you might want to check out the other two parts to this series:



This time I visited Michaels craft store. They used to have a big Halloween display of buildings near the back of the store. I was pleased to see that it's moved to the FRONT of the store now and has a special display. Like Menards, Michaels has a selection of Lemax-branded structures, but most appear different. There's one called the Garden of Eaten at Michaels and Menards stocks a man pushing a wheelbarrow with a similar plant, so those would look good together.

A grocery and a 'garden,' plus a doctor's office on top.

A haunted knoll and a clock house! The hands moved around.

Several more Lemax structures here. You can also see the back of the Halloween train (the shoe).

All aboard the Halloween train!

Two figures and a tree.

Need some coffins as decor?

These fence pieces are quite detailed.

Michaels Ashland line had some interesting pieces, like this pumpkin sign.

Purple Halloween trees!

Some other detail pieces in the Ashland line.

These LEDs could work anywhere for extra lighting.

How about a haunted pirate ship? I love the octopus clinging to the side.

These less expensive structures have battery-operated lights inside.

LED pumpkin (or skull) lights would add a fun touch of color.
There is also a creepy "train." It wasn't in operation, but it appears that it would animate down a circle of track.

Michaels also has some Lemax accessories I didn't see at Menards, like coffins and some neat wire fence pieces.

In their "Ashland Halloween" line, you can find some neat items for your layout, like detail pieces (skulls, signs), and some micro LED lights on a string. There are also some LED clear pumpkins that are slightly larger than O gauge. They might make a neat row of pumpkins in front of a house!

If you're looking for something unusual, check out the less expensive structures. They have a cool haunted pirate ship!

Where should I go next? I have a couple of ideas but would appreciate input. Have you found neat Halloween items in an unexpected place?

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