A look inside Kalmbach's modeling workshop

Posted by Rene Schweitzer
on Friday, August 30, 2019

Note: Click on any photo to enlarge.

I'm back with another "behind the scenes" look at something inside the Kalmbach Media building--the workshop! I took a panoramic photograph of the workshop but have no idea how it will replicate here on the blog. Please let me know if you can see it in the comments. It's the first photo here.

A panoramic view of the workshop as you walk inside the doors.

The workshop is part of the original wing of the building, which opened in 1989. It's shared by Model Railroader, Model Railroader Video PlusClassic Toy Trains, and Garden Railways' staffs. Given the number of projects going on, there's almost always someone in there.

Who needs some adhesives? There's an entire cabinet of tape, adhesives, plaster-of-Paris, and other supplies.

The workbenches are 'sort of' assigned seating. The second bench is for CTT.

It contains four modelers' workbenches, a paint room with spray booth, plenty of cabinets and storage, tools, and supplies. The one side has a blue "sky" meant for use as a backdrop when photographing layouts. Many years ago it had clouds painted on it, but those were covered up a while ago.

Ever wonder what happens to equipment after it's been reviewed? Some of it lives here, for either photography or testing purposes down the road.

There are times when MR or MRVP will have a camera on 24/7 to record layout building progress. For grins, I would just pop in, look around, and leave folks wondering who that was (guess the secret is now out)!

This Brother cutter is a relatively new addition to the workshop. It can cut thin plastic for lettering or making masks for painting.

There's a paint room full of hobby paints.

The spray booth is near the paint. I've used this for both work and personal projects.

Track, track, who needs some track? There's an entire cabinet full of it (for CTT).

The workshop contains some old tools. These tools live on a heavy mobile cart.

The far side of the workshop has a curved corner, designed for better layout photography.

Carts of video equipment belonging to MRVP are common sights in the workshop!

I've added information about each photo in the caption, so please look at the photos to learn more. 

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