Got nukes?

Posted by Bob Keller
on Friday, February 02, 2018

The Oak Point Nuclear Power plant is operational!

Behold the no. 279-4433 Oak Point Nuclear Power Facility. While I suppose that nothing should surprise me when I open a large box from Menards, I can assure you the “Wow” factor is still in play. I would not have thought of a new structure to harness the power of the atom for your layout. A nuclear power plant is a great idea.

It is a natural fit, though. I have a handful of Lionel Atomic Energy pieces, including radioactive waste cars, an AEC switcher, and even a clear AEC tank car with green radioactive waste. Not to mention military cars like the Lionel Minuteman car with their nuclear payloads. Heck, that alone is justification for installing a siding and creating a new industrial site.

 Nuclear power plants can be large or more compact (still large, but with just one cooling tower) and the single structure passes for a combination control center and reactor pile. The clear ceiling and sides was a bit of a surprise. I could see in and see rails around a round object. Hmmm.

 I plugged it in and, depending on your frame of reference it was “Core meltdown time!” or “Saturday Night Fever!”

 The reactor core has a terrific rotating, and constantly changing, light show that suggests something big is happening. My whimsy meter was pegged out.

 Off to the right you’ll find a pair of power transformers with red lights. The other side of the structure is home to the cooling tower. And yes, I suppose an adventurous hobbyist will sketch out a way to install a smoke unit in it for that cooling steam look.

 This is a neat and certainly a unique industrial building for your railroad.

 The structure costs $99.99 plus shipping, or opt for pickup at your local Menards store.

 For more information go to

Oak Point's plant is safe. Unlike Homer Simpson's plant in Springfield, there are no mutations here!

The power plug-in is at the rear of the structure. You can see the interior handrails through the red windows.

When the reactor is active, you will see an interesting and continually changing light show. Note the reflection off of the cooling tower.

A pair of power transformers help regulate the flow of electricity to the local city power grid.

Oak Point from the plug-in side.

The cooling tower could probably be modified for a smoke unit, or a stream of cotton "steam" rising from the top.

Of course, when the reactor first went online, a squad of Adeptus Mechanicus cybernetic troops arrived to conduct a security check to assure the safety of the nuclear core!

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