Gas up at Wally’s station (from Menards)

Posted by Bob Keller
on Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Wally's station takes us on a trip back to the 1950s and 60s when full-service facilities ruled the highways!

While engaging in some idle office chatter, speculating about what building Menards might come up with next, someone said “They need a gas station.”  I discounted that, since there was a run of Menards gas station made for the home improvement chain by Woodland Scenics few years back. Well, I was wrong. Behold the no. 279-4431 Wally’s gas station!

The model represents a mid-century service station with some Art Deco curves on the Shell signage on the left and right corners, as well as the oval above the office proudy proclaiming it to be Wally’s station.

 The building has two maintenance bays, a door into the shop, and a five-segment window for the office. The interior is blacked out. But there is another door right below the signage stating “Restrooms.”

 This is a prosperous business, with six refueling pumps. You’ll also find a station for air by the pumps, and even a rack for oil cans. Other add-on details include trash cans, a 50-gallon drum, old tires, and a hand truck.

 The last time I saw an oil can rack wasn't at a gas pump, but in an antique store! Very, very retro.

 There are three employees. One must assume they are Wally, Gomer, and Goober. And Jack is chilling near the soda machine.

 The gas pump globes are all illuminated, and the decoration with the meter suggests gas is 18-cents a gallon. With that factoid, I’d date this as maybe 1964!

The show piece is the large Shell sign above the office. It rotates. It isn’t internally illuminated, but there are LEDs in the circular ring that cast light upon it.

 This is a neat accessory that functions quietly and will serve a product needed by most of the folks in your Train Town.

 The no. 279-4431 Wally’s gas station costs $89.99 plus shipping. Order online at and opt for free shipment to your local Menards.


If you'd ever had a log-distance night drive, you know how welcome a sight that a well-illuminated service station can be.

Wally's has two bays for her servicing and six pumps for filling auto thirsty tanks!

No need to find a key attached to a hunk of wood! Just walk right in!

The gas pump globes have 'Shell' on them and are illuminated.

Wally carefully explains to his work force who's turn it is to walk Jack!


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