Hail, hail the trailers are all here!

Posted by Bob Keller
on Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The new Built-&-Ready trailers are available now. Left to right are the double-decker, the Chillin' and Grillin' and the Sunny Days trailers.

I received a jumbo box from Woodland Scenics last week. It contained the three latest Built-&-Ready structures in O gauge – their mobile homes. Normally, they send the buildings in as they are released but the shock and awe of how neat these are would have been lost one-at-a-time. These are not cookie-cutter models, each one is unique, though they all follow the basic layout of a mobile home. As you can see, you cn place them side by side and not come away with the notion that they are all the same, just painted differing colors.

We received the nos. the BR5862 “Double Decker” trailer, the BR5861 “Grillin’ & Chillin’ ” trailer, and the BR5863 “Sunny Days trailer.” These are all little gems that each have the mystique to build a scene around.

All of the trailers come ready for use with the Woodland Scenics Just Plus lighting system and cost $94.99 each.

GET GRILLIN: The BR5861 Grillin’ & Chillin’ trailer is the trailer equivalent of a country manor. It has a sedate green and white paint scheme. There is a green and white striped canopy over a deck. There is a grill and some food cooking and two recliners ready to be occupied.

There is lattice work around the base of the trailer and plants in the front trailer hitch. The windows have window treatments and there is interior decoration that is easily seen. All three trailers have a retro TV-antenna mounted on top. The trailer also has a water faucet you can place anywhere around the structure.

SUNNY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN: The BR5863 Sunny Days Trailer has a relatively light, happy paint scheme of white and bright yellow. It too, has a simulated corrugated skirt around the base and plants in the front trailer assembly. There are simulated wooden stairs and a bright canopy over the main door. The structure has interior decoration and illumination and the windows all have window treatments. Extras include a water faucet, and two 1950s-style chairs and a table.

MOVING ON UP: The BR5862 Double Decker Trailer is a virtual trailer park skyscraper. There is a small cupola with windows above the bedroom. Not sure of this is supposed to be an actual bunk area, or just a perch for more windows. Interestingly, there are two car tires on the roof. There is interior decoration and window treatments but the neatest feature of all is that you can se a black & white TV set with a flickering screen. How cool and retro.

BR5863 Sunny Days Trailer $94.99 extras 1950s style metal chairs and table, water pump

BR5862 Double decker Trailer $94.99 extras: Propane tank, picnic table, garbage can water pump

BR5861 Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer $94.99 extras water pump

See your local hobby retailer or for more information go to www.Woodlandscenics.com.


Eyes right: The trainers have unique details such as canopies, wood or metal sets, and add-on detail pieces.

Interior illumination is more than lighting. It allows you to take a look at the inside of the trailers, each with distinctive detailing.

The double-decker reprises the 1960s with a flickering black & white TV that can be seen from the outside.

The Chillin' and grilling' will become the social centerpiece of your lake campground or trailer park!

The Sunny Days has a simulated metal canopy over the door and skirting around the bottom.

The double-decker has tires on the roof, perhaps to have ready to splash in a nearby pool ... from the roof.

The Chilin' & Grillin' has a very nice attached deck complete with lounge chairs and a grill.

The Sunny Days has a separate set of chairs and a table for summertime meals outside.

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