New illuminated vehicles (and a plug and play wiring system) by Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Left to right are the Jack's Links box truck, the yellow Shelby Cobra, the black Shelby GT500, and the Menards stake truck with barrel and lumber load.The flipped Shelby is just to illustrate the wire connection to the vehicle.

Menards has cranked out some very interesting die-cast vehicles recently. But what could be better than a die-cast vehicle? A die-cast vehicle with lighting.And what about a new wiring accessory system to make illuminating your vehicles AND Menards structures easier? Well today is your day!

Let prewired vehicles from Menards light up your streets. There are six trucks and six Mustangs available. Shown are the nos. 279-4237 yellow, 279-4238 classic style black, 279-4207 Menards stake truck with barrels and lumber, and 279-4215 F350 Jack’s Links die-cast box truck. The cars cost $24.99 each, and the trucks go for $29.99. There is also the no. 279-4035 Plug and Play adapter, an eight-piece accessory kit for $9.99. The kit includes plugs for multiple vehicle hookup to a Menards power adapter. To order or for more information, go to

 Plug & Play  cars cost $24.99 each

279-4233 2016 Shelby GT350 (red)

279-4234 1967 Shelby GT500 (red)

279-4235 1967 Shelby GT500(blue)

279-4236 1965 Shelby GT350 (blue and white)

279-4237 Shelby Cobra 427 (yellow) 

Trucks cost $29.99 each

Plug & Play trucks cost $29.99 each

279-4207 Menards stake truck with barrel and lumber load

279-4209 Military stake truck with shells

279-4211 Military flatbed with jeep

279-4213 Penske box truck

279-4215 Jack’s Links box truck

Menards power adapters

279-4061 4.5 Volt 1,ooo mA adapter (1 outlet) $7.99

279-4062 4.5 Volt 2,000 mA adapter (3 outlet) $9.99

279-4050 4.5 Volt 5,000 mA adapter (1 outlet) $19.99

Menards 8 piece Plug & Play accessory kit

2 6-foot 90-degree male/female extensions

2 6-foot straight male/female extensions

2 2-foot straight male/female extensions

Two male/female “Y” splitters

The Accessory kit has four 6-foot sections ad a two foot extension as well as two "Y" splitters.

The lights look spectacular in the dark.

All vehicles have headlights and taillights.

The Plug & Play accessory kit features two "Y" splitters for your use with powering multiple vehicles or Menards structures.

A closeup of the wire/vehicle connection.

The vehicles can be powered by drilling a hole in your train table and feeding the connection below to join the line from a power adapter.

Here is a drone's-eye view of the Menards barrel and lumber load. Note the wood texture in the lumber.

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