Business district: The Watkins City Block by Menards

Posted by Bob Keller
on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Watkins City Block feels familiar to anyone from a small town. A grocery, a multi-floor business, and an 'up the stairs' law firm, all wedged into a compact space.

Create a focal point for your downtown with the new Watkins City Block building from Menards. The 7 1/2 by 13-inch structure features three commercial venues – a Red Owl grocery, a J.R. Watkins store, and an attorney's office. While Red Owl needs no introduction, check your spice shelf or even your medicine chest for some of the products from Watkins. The no. 279-3971 building costs $99.99 plus shipping, or go to and select free shipment to you local Menards store.

The structure comes fully illuminated with interior and exterior lighting. Power supply sold separately.

The J.R. Watkins front could be a retail store or perhaps the headquarters of the Midwestern business. The firm began selling tonics and now sells a broad line of consumer products.

The Red Owl store is smaller than the free-standing structure, but it has ads in the windows and a mechanical pony out front!

Big lawyers making big deals smoking big cigars will make your business district a center of intrigue!

The Watkins block has state-of-the-art security lighting. The weathered structure also has vintage advertising on three of the four walls. This one sells Watkins baking powder.

Someone is working late tonight in the top office! This signage reminds you to cook with Watkins Vanilla.

Sharing wall space with Watkins, the Red Owl commends Kellogg's Corn Flakes to your attention!

The Watkins City Block is an attractive structure that mixes unique businesses and building design elements to help you create a diverse commercial district in your Train Town. Go to to see all of the available structures from Menards.

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