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  • Forum Post: Re: Panama Limited - What was the journey like in the 1930s?

    In some of the reading I've done, they talk about the Pullman Porters responding to a call bell. They would apparently see which passenger had rung their bell by looking at an annunciator panel. Any idea what this annunciator panel would look like? And where would it be located on the train?
  • Forum Post: Re: Panama Limited - What was the journey like in the 1930s?

    What stops would the Panama Limited make in 1937? The 1970 Official Guide lists the following stops, but would the train have stopped at all these places in the 30s? 5 Train Number 6 Daily Miles Services Daily 5 00P Dp 0.0 Chicago, IL (Central Station...
  • Forum Post: "All aboard!"

    When does the conductor on a passenger train say, "All aboard"? Is it at the beginning of the boarding process? or after the train is fully boarded? Can you think of any other jargon of conductors in general or Pullman conductors specifically? Thanks!
  • Forum Post: Chicago to New Orleans - passing trains?

    During the Panama Limited's journey from Chicago to New Orleans, were there trains that it would have crossed paths with along the way? That is, would a passenger looking out the window see another train at any point on the trip?
  • Forum Post: News on the Train

    In the 1930s, how would breaking news be received by people on board trains? Would they get it only at stops along the way? Or was it possible to receive telegrams?
  • Forum Post: When did diesel come in?

    I'm researching the Panama Limited in 1937. Would that have been a diesel train?
  • Forum Post: B&O York air conditioning systems

    Does anyone have drawings or photos they could pass on to me of the York A/C system equipment used on B&O heavyweight cars? I have some Branchline Train cars for B&O, but BLT didn't mention York equipment in their drawings of underframe options. Thanx--nor-rail.
  • Forum Post: Early 20th-century passenger train travel - on-board music?

    I'm doing some research on passenger train travel in the 1920s and 30s, particularly the Pullman cars, and have been wondering about entertainment. I've seen some photos of lounge cars that have pianos. Did the rail companies ever provide singers and/or musicians? Any info or guidance you could...
  • Forum Post: Panama Limited - What was the journey like in the 1930s?

    I'm looking for information about the Panama Limited in the 1930s. What was the journey like? How fast did the train go? What would a passenger see out the window at various places along the way? Any personal experiences you're willing to share would be most welcome. And if you can recommend...