Old Chicago Union Station Concourse

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Posted by mrrdad on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 11:45 PM

3rd rail

Ed, I am excited that you are going to do Grand Central! You mentioned that you had some photos, diagrams, etc.. You might already have these, but if not, there are a couple of magazines with good articles on G.C.  The best one is the September 1969 issue of Trains Magazine.. Excellent article by George W. Hilton. Really dives into the architectual aspects of G.C.  Second one is the Issue # 28 (Jan/Feb/Mar 1996) of "The Railroad Press". ( I can't locate the publishers name on the frontispiece, but, there is an address.. 1150 Carlisle St. Suite 444 Hanover, PA 17331). 

  I think I speak for all here, We'd love to see photos of how this project goes.. If you have the space, you really should include the drawbridge over the Chicago River as part of the whole scene.  So, good luck, If I had the space, I'd do the same, but I don't......... 

P.S.  Last time I was up in Sears Tower in Chicago, I could still see the outlines of G.C. But that was about 20 years ago. I think they have built Condos there since then.... 





Hi Todd,

Thank you for the information. I most definitely plan on including the drawbridge. I should be starting the build of the train shed within the next week or two. I'll definitely post pictures as I go.


As far as the site of G.C. goes, there are some developing going on there finally. A lot of that land is still vacant though.



Seeking advice for modeling Chicago railroads of the mid-late 1960's


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