Legendary places: Corkscrew Gulch Turntable

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Legendary places: Corkscrew Gulch Turntable

  • In the railway world, there are legendary places: some are sites of great events; many are sites of great engineering accomplishments, incredible scenery or both. In some of these places, the rails still serve, but many have not seen a train in years. Colorado has more than its share of legendary places. One of them is Corkscrew Gulch turntable on the long ago abandoned Silverton Railroad. The full story: http://railroadglorydays.com/Corkscrew

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  • Thank you for sharing the photos and narrative. Considering that the Silverton was abandoned 86 years ago I'm surprised there are as many identifable traces of it remaining today. The scenery is spectacular and I can only imagine what a thrill it would have been to see it in operation.


  • It's that Rocky Mountain High dry air, Mark !    I hiked back to this many years ago with some other nabobs of narrow gauge.     We stayed in Silverton for a week and did the whole "San Juan" experience including the Silverton, Silverton Northern, Silverton Gladstone & Northerly, RGS, and D&RGW.     


    AB Dean Jacksonville,FL