Classic Train Questions Part Deux (50 Years or Older)

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Posted by rcdrye on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 12:24 PM


The train ran from CUS to Savanna and was locally known as the "City of Savanna" or the "Lone Ranger".  It replaced the prior "City of Portland/City of Denver" schedule within Illinois.


As you say.  Most days the crew outnumbered the passengers.  The train was an intrastate remnant of UP/MILW's pre-"City of Everywhere" combinations.  From the late 1950s on the CofP and CofD ran on the CofD's number and timetable from Chicago to Denver with the CofP continuing to Portland via the Borie cutoff.  The CofLa and CofSF were the other combo.  From time to time int othe mid 1960s all of the "City" trains would run as separate trains, though usually as multiple sections.  The last "City" trains ran with the City of LA's numbers 103 and 104.


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