Some views through time

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Some views through time
Posted by Miningman on Monday, June 1, 2020 2:28 PM

Here we are in 1954. If you were a kid in Canada there were 4 more really good years of a lot of steam and one half of a crummy year after that. By summer '59 there was no more. 

1954 the odd Hudson and a very now rare Niagara could still be seen. At the least they could still be saved, as could a T1, rows and rows of them in scrapyards, waiting.  N&W was intact with steam as was GTW, but on the Erie it was done. UP had Big Boys and Challengers, NKP had Berks and many of those lasted late. B&O had lots of steam still, but C&O did not. So if you were a fortunate kid Steam was still around in abundance. For most it was not. We were very fortunate in Canada. A very booming economy kept the railroads so busy that new Diesels were not close to enough to keep up. So... lucky me.

Here's No 21 The Chicago Express. It was a very popular and a very busy train with business types. In 7 years or so it would be gone forever. As was the Steam of course, it had 41/2 years to go. 

No. 21 engs. 1221 assisting 2409 westbound at Galt. January 1954 George Schal

So Fast forward... steam is done, a new era has taken hold. This was Canadian Pacific entering that era.  It was the last time they presented themselves as serving and reaching the whole world, with CP Ships, CP Air ( orange is beautiful!), CP Hotels, CP Telecommunications. One could go to "The Orient", India, Australia , Great Britain, Europe, all on a CP ticket, CP transportation and stay at a CP Hotel.  They didn't know it but the Multimark was the last time its identity and reach worldwide was intact.


4724 freshly repainted! M-636 MLW M6031-24 9/1970. Windsor 8/28/1970

One last item. A very lucky piece of equipment. This is the now CPR  car Craigellachie. It did not start out this way, it was a mundane Tourist Sleeper #6243. Built by Canadian Car and Foundry in 1931.  It was renamed 'Greely' in 1951.  Not an especially great name for a car, probably named after the 'Go West Young Man' fella but it still sounds like the stingy bank manager or the Saturday morning cartoon bad guy. Then it went into work train service, likely painted that mineral brown colour and probably had some pretty rough treatment. 

But......not anymore.   It is part of the Royal Canadian Pacific Heritage Equipment. It is used for CPR corporate purposes, available for charitable sponsorships, charter tour groups and private charters.  Luv the big Baggage car as well.

Craigellachie interior. 



95 Generator-baggage car. Nee baggage-express 4726 CC&F 11/1952




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Posted by NDG on Monday, June 1, 2020 6:06 PM
 CP 2409 was the LAST Steam Locomotive to received a complete overhaul at Angus Shops.
A Double Headed through freight sideswiped another freight out over the switch at Galt, collapsing the overpass beyond the station.


Thank You.


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Posted by Miningman on Monday, June 1, 2020 11:40 PM

Thanks NDG. I remember discussing that tragic accident a few years back. 

Did not know that 2409 was the last complete overhaul out of Angus. Of the thousands of locomotives on the roster that one shows up in the picture! 

The difference between 1954 and 1964 are beyond comprehension sometimes. 

CPR Electric Lines in Galt as well. You can see the pole and the wire in the photo. That was all coming to an end in a few years as well.

3rd picture Diner Craigellachie... how do you serve all those seatings at once?  Quite the problem for the chef and the servers. 

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Posted by Flintlock76 on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 8:10 AM

Great shots Vince!  That first one, steam in the snow, is just about Christmas card perfect!

And the Craigellachie  interior!  Wow!  

How'd they manage to serve all those settings?  Hey, in a way it's traditional railroading, you just get it done. 


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Posted by scilover on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 5:42 AM
Nice! From the first pic to the second pic, we can really see the difference on how much trains have changed. And the third pic, it looks amazing the interior!


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