Interesting events on the CASO Part II

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Interesting events on the CASO Part II
Posted by Miningman on Monday, February 26, 2018 5:53 PM
Part II Continuing on with some interesting happenings on the CASO
1). April 17, 1930 - 4 brand new Rock Island freight locomotives travel over CASO 
2)  June 10, 1930 - Shriners specials operate over CASO - 25 specials operated
3). August 2, 1930 - Trio of elephants travel over CASO to Niagara Falls
4). September 23, 1931 - Live fish shipped in tank cars on CASO.  3 cars loaded at Tilbury for New York City with Carp 
5). February 5, 1932 - CASO hudsons pulling 16 car passenger trains
6). July 5, 1932 - Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt glided through St Thomas early yesterday morning on the CASO. This was following his historic triumphal acceptance speech for the nomination for President at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. He had left Chicago the night before and boarded The Exposition Flyer. It was sunrise in St Thomas, Ontario when the train pulled into the station. The train left St Thomas and arrived at Buffalo at 9:52 and with journalists waiting he began the campaign for President.
8). September 8, 1932 - Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees travel over the CASO heading for Detroit 
9). January 6, 1933 - Gas electric to operate between St. Thomas and Detroit fails on first test trip through tunnel 
10). August 16, 1933 - Gas electric 202 in shops for repairs.  Steam operating as replacement on trains #2 and #5 

August 21, 1933 - 21 passenger specials - each with 16 cars - operated over the CASO

11). May 2, 1933 - Beer traffic helps boost freight traffic 
12). October 24, 1933 - Budd stainless steel train for the Texas & Pacific travels over the CASO - operating at 68mph 
13). November 14, 1933 - Over 600 extra passenger trains operated over the CASO for the World's Fair in Chicago
14). May 1, 1934 - The Streamlined Zephyr is en route to St. Thomas terminal., due at 5:00 pm en route to the Century of Progress Exposition, the CB&Q Zephyr three car streamlined train is to make a brief stop at the St Thomas terminal of the Michigan Central. Harry L. Margett, MCR General Superintendent of Detroit and other officials will be on the train with officials of Budd. The Union Pacific three car train passed through a month ago.  The Burlington Zephyr was viewed by thousands as it passed through, it created quite a sensation. One thousand were present at the station and over 5000 saw it before it left. 
15). June 14, 1934 - Faster than the 20th Century Limited a six car Paramount Movie special came through the CASO on Thursday with President Aldolph Zukor en route from Los Angeles to New York City. 
16). January 3, 1935 - 15-20 extra passenger trains for Auto show in Detroit 

January 7, 1935 - 24 extra passenger trains for Auto show and students 
17). May 17, 1935 - Shipment of 90,000 bees travels over CASO 
18)  September 24, 1935 -  Many special trains for the Bauer- Louis Fight at Yankee Stadium come over the CASO. Three sections of the Wolverine with 18 cars each.
19). January 7, 1936 - Chicago Black Hawks special to New York City operates over CASO
20). March 20, 1936 - The Pennsylvania Railroad's famous "Red Arrow" is using the Michigan Central's Canada Division. The "Red Arrow" crack passenger flyer of the Pennsylvania Railroad is enjoying a few trips over the C. S. Division of the MCR as a result of flood conditions in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, Johnstown and other Pennsylvania State points It came through St Thomas as a section of the Wolverine. It attracted some attention.
I'll continue on a bit later, through the war years, gets interesting!
Question-- If Prohibition in the US was not repealed until Dec of '33 how come the big beer traffic on the CASO in May of '33? Where the heck was all that beer going? ...legally I mean. 
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Posted by wanswheel on Monday, February 26, 2018 9:20 PM
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Posted by Miningman on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 9:39 AM

Ah-ha! Well thats solves that question! Thanks once again to the amazing Wanswheel

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Posted by wanswheel on Monday, March 05, 2018 2:55 PM

Roosevelt glided through St Thomas early yesterday morning on the CASO. 

Owning a piece of it. Excerpt from NY Times, Nov. 28, 1971  The man who was to become the 32nd President of the United States was quite a speculator — buying and selling numerous railroad issues and dabbling in bank stocks as well…The railroad stocks he owned in 1918 included the Baltimore & Ohio, the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh, the New York, New Haven & Hartford, the Canada Southern, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, the Chicago & Northwestern, the Cleveland & Pittsburgh, the Paterson & Ramapo, the Union Pacific and United New Jersey Railroad & Canal.
5 years dead holding 35 shares.

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Posted by Miningman on Monday, March 05, 2018 6:41 PM

Wonder if the family held onto the 35 shares...they went up substantially at the end and declared a monster divided in 1976...cannot seem to find that exact amount but it was substantial

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Posted by wanswheel on Tuesday, March 06, 2018 1:27 AM

Excerpt from NY Times, March 31, 1976

Stock prices fell again yesterday as trading continued at its slowest pace since this year’s opening session.

The Dow Jones Industrial average, down by 9½ points in early afternoon trading, finished at 992.13 with a loss of 5.27 points.

The market’s feature was Canada Southern Railway, a seldom traded stock, which rose 40 points to close at 81, thanks to the declaration on Monday of an extraordinary dividend of $60 a share. The dividend is payable April 23 to stockholders of record on April 9.

This marked one of the largest single day’s gain for a common stock—one virtually as little known on Wall Street as it is to the investing public—and also constituted one of the biggest one-day advances in modern market history.

Canada Southern is a solvent leased line of the bankrupt Penn Central, which owns nearly 72 percent of its outstanding shares. Canada Southern, whose stock last traded on February 26, has less than 500 shareowners. Yesterday’s volume came to 2,233 shares for the stock that trades in 10-share lots.

The Consolidated Rail Corporation, which is succeeding to most of the transportation assets of the Penn Central, lost a court bid last week to enjoin Canada Southern from paying the dividend, which will come out of the latter road’s retained earnings.,5332837&hl=en


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